I have taken my mother to New sound for years now. The secretaries have always been polite,helpful,and caring in scheduling and calling to confirm your upcoming appointments. As assisting in any way they are able too. The specialist is kind,caring,informative,helpful,and always resolves your hearing problem,and looks for your best options in hearing aid devices,or plans you are able to pay or receive to obtain your desired equipment. The visits are in a timely manner,however,if you have a bunch of problems to deal with,it will be a longer visit,for that specialist will make sure they are all resolved by the time you leave,and that it worth every buck. Thank you for serving our community with all you'll hard work and in love for every client. God speed to you'll!
Sinthia Salinas, on Google
If you need hearing aids this is the place to go and Deann W is the greatest at what she does. They give world class service and amaze me every time I go in. If I go in and tell her any kind of problem with how sounds are, she can fix it. I highly recommend the Pleasanton New Sound office because of their service. It was life changing for me.
chris meyer, on Google
I was struck by the sincerity and attention to care of my health and quality of life that the staff exhibited. Time spent testing and consulting was casual, not rushed, I felt it was very thorough. I appreciate them!
Larry Larson, on Google
This folks are wonderful. Very detailed is their testing to ensure you are getting what you need. They referred me to an ENT since my situation could not be resolved with a hearing device. Great folks. Highly recommend.
Linda winkler, on Google
I definitely want to give a great shout out to D’Anne Wengenroth! I’m a care giver for my disabled sister who is a patient at New Sound for many years now. D’Anne went above and beyond for my sister, getting her the best hearing aids on the market. She had the upmost patience and care with her. My sister is the happiest she’s been in years! Thank you D’Anne and New Sound!!
Debra Diver, on Google

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